The Fishing
  1. Orinoco Peacock Bass
    Orinoco Peacock Bass
    These are some of the most impressive fish as they have both spots and bars. This species can grow to huge sizes and as with all peacock Bass, extremely aggressive.
  2. Butterfly peacock Bass
    Butterfly peacock Bass
    The butterfly is one of the most common and can be found from Florida to South America and even in Hawaii. They usually range from two to eight pounds with anything over eight pounds being a huge fish.
  3. Three barred
    Three barred
    These are the largest of the peacocks and while they can have spots during the year, usually during spawning they lose their spots and have three dark lines on their sides.
  4. Payara
    These are some of the toothiest fish in South America and have been called the Vampire Fish of the Amazon. They are found in fast moving water and are a blast to catch.