Las Lagunas Lodge Camp

As this moment the lodge is still being assembled so please excuse the construction photos as it will be extremely nice when complete. 
The lodge will consist of ​SIX single occupancy guest "Cabin Tents" all elevated on hand made wooded platforms. The tents are 10 x 20 and each has its own porch with chairs so you can relax and get your gear ready for the following days fishing. 
The complex will have a seperate bathroom area conected with wooden walkways so day or night it will be easily assesable. The bathroom will two seperate flush toliet, two seperate showers although I imagine most will bath in the warm waters of the lake and of course, two large sinks with mirrors for shaving and brushing your teeth. 
The main lodge will also serve as a dinning area. It will have a bar, TV's so that we can look at the days photos and if disired, watch movies and other entertainment. 
 All building will be wired for electricity to keep you devices charged and plugs in each tent for CPAPS for those who require them.