Colombia is one of the richest countries in natural resources. From lush farm lands, scienic moutains, tropical jungles and beaches on both the Carribean and Pacific oceans, there is something for everyone. Over the past 30 years Colombia has it's share of problems like most countries but now it is safer than ever and American tourists are flocking to the incredible country. 
Safety: Colombia has taken great strides in fighting their problems and with the fairly recent dismembership of FARC, it is now safer than ever. The local people, especially in our fishing areas are extremely friendly and excited to accept traveling sportsmen.
We have tried to incorporate as much as we can into our packages so that every sportsman has an incredible Colombian experiance. We have added two nights in the city of Bogota to experience and enjoy the restaurants as well as the culture of Colombia. We understand everyone has different schedules thus we have  designed packages to include from 3-6 full days of fantastic fishing and are open to customizing the itineray to fit your needs. 
 For those looking to extend their trips, we have teamed up with other local tourism agencies so that we can add additions excusions around the country. From sightseeing to zip lining, whatever your desire is, we aim to make sure that Colombia will have you returning year after year.