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Getting there

Our Las Lagunas Lodge is about 85% completed as of this writing. We also have had only a few fishermen but we have several groups comimng this month. Hopefuilly we will more referals soon.  
Colombia is quickly regaining all of it tourism grandour of the past as it is now a very safe place to visit. MOst Airlines now have flights to Bogota. Please call for current recomendations.
This is a short presentation giving more recent photos of the lodge and information  about the trip 
Las Lagunas Lodge
  Over the past twenty or so years everybody has been crazy about going to the Rio Negro in Brazil to catch some of these incredibly strong fighting monsters, but very few people ever noticed that the Rio Negro is actually born in Colombian "GUAINIA" Department. It is this area that we have started our new “Las Lagunas Fishing Camp. Thecamp is actually a "Glamp" as every fisherman has their own 200sqf private elevated cabin tent complete with full sized beds with a porch and sitting area. Erik and his lovely wife, Ana Maria will personally take care of you on this 6 day adventure fishing trip. If 6 days of  fishing is too long, no problem as we easily can shorten the trip to three days and even add days if you desire more incredible fishing time on the water!
   We have arranged exclusive rights to the fishing area from the local tribes and even without it being in the ideal low water level conditions, we are catching lots of fish with numerous huge Peacocks and have lost some Monsters! While we will always have recent pictures to show big fish being caught, the natives talk about 30 pound plus peacock bass and I have seen photos of Colombian fish that weighed in at 30 pounds but unfortunately it was not caught on a rod and reel. Look for many records to to be broken in the first couple of yearsat Las Lagunas Lodge!

Please keep checking this area as will continue to give fishing reports and other happenings!
  1. We found the place!
    Erik and Ana Maria after searching for several years have found the perfect fishery off the Inridia River. They have signed exclusive rights of the area with the local Indian communities establishing a Fishing Protection and conservation Zone so their new lodge will enjoy exclusive catch and release fishing.
  2. Lodge Construction has began!
    Further strengthening there relationship with the local communities, Erik and Ana Maria have hired the community to build the entire lodge complex. Construction started on January 9th and is expected to be fully operational by February 1st.
  3. First Impressions
    Erik and Ron Stafford visit the lodge to do some exploratory fishing of the area. They averaged over 30 fish per day while checking out different areas with most fish between 12 and 20 pounds. Numerous larger fish where lost!
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